while we're trippin in trip city straighter than you think ” - Royal Kent


Poet - Spoken Word Artist - Producer

I'm a OG poet. I was a poet then, I am now. My pedigree dates to the original release of an album called "The Last Poets".  The album cover: a striking yellow and blue header with a picture of some brothers with congas hanging out somewhere deep in Harlem.

The album was introduced to me by a high school girlfriend named Carol Brown, who at the time, was attending University of Calif @ Santa Barbara (UCSB), and I fresh out of the US Navy and after having sailed the Pacific ocean. Upon my arrival at her place in Isla Vista and before I reached her door, she emerged with the album in hand. Her words were: "have you heard this?"

For context, Carol and I shared a love of poetry in high school. Poetry was not all that fashionable on the west coast back then, but she and I loved it; so much so that even while my being at sea, we'd exchange letters comprised of poems.

So, naturally I was intrigued to listen and, of course, was blown away upon hearing the album. She knew exactly what I needed to hear. She knew that upon hearing it, they'd show me a way to bring it! The gift of poetry. Make poetry live! Recite!

Wherever in this world you may be, Carol, I thank you for that day; from that day until this one.

After manifold iterations, having worked with a multitude of artist of all stripes, from dancers to film makers to bands, and in radio, television and stage;  by chance or happenstance I met composer/pianist Wendy Loomis and the founding of COPUS came to be.